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Earl P. Lackie , Republican Candidate for Governor

  I was born in Detroit in 1959 and raised in Rochester Hills,  Michigan. My parents Chester and Joyce Lackie were alumni of Michigan State University and University of Michigan. My father was a United States Army Veteran serving in the 262nd Infantry, 66th Panther division during WWII was also a state board Certified Sanitarian and Dairy inspector for the state of Michigan. My mother was a Registered Nurse, and teacher at Henry Ford Community College until retirement. I have 2 brothers, one retired from General Motors, like myself and the other a civil servant retiring from West Bloomfield Police Department. I have 2 daughters, both college graduates from University of Michigan and Baker college. Also, let's not forget my 6 grandchildren.

I have worn many hats in my day through various types of employment. After receiving my degree in automotive and diesel mechanics from Lincoln Technical Institute in Indianapolis, IN. I went to work for Oxford Peat Co., a peat moss mining company in Oxford, MI., where I was able to put my mechanical background to good use. While working there, I gained a variety of experiences learning to drive semi trucks, operate a backhoe, a front end loader, a drag line crane, bulldozers and all types of heavy equipment. In the early 80's I moved to Kalkaska, MI to work for an oil field service company, Halliburton and start a family. My experiences and observations working in that industry, gave me a tremendous respect for the men and women brave enough to show up to work despite the dangers they face on a daily basis. After moving back downstate, I found myself doing different odd jobs to gain experience and knowledge, while providing for my family. It is at this time, I became a volunteer fireman and first responder for the township of Oxford. I am truly grateful to have had the opportunity to receive the training and knowledge that job provided. While serving as service manager for a major marina and working 60 to 70 hours a week, I found great joy in helping people and teaching them about their boats. This inspired me to have owned 2 small business's, a sporting goods store and a small engine/marine repair shop. Small business ownership can be a tiresome job, keeping up with rules, regulations and taxes. It's a wonder how I had the energy to take on a second career at General Motors. Back then, working two jobs was necessary to provide for my family, but I do know it gave me a greater respect and appreciation for the small business man and the struggles they endure. My calling turned out to be learning all the job positions at General Motors, staying challenged and keeping my mind sharp on a daily basis until retirement. Now, I have time to have a voice in my own local politics. I consider myself a"Jack of all Trades" and not being a career politician, or attorney, or doctor I feel " I am The Middle Class". I have been retired for 9 years, but I look forward to putting down the wrenches and picking up the pen for the people of Michigan.

Despite all the work and responsibilities, I have always found time to have fun and relax, even before retirement. I spend most of my summer in the northern parts of Michigan exploring and taking in all this beautiful state, and its great lakes has to offer with my significant other of the last five years, Becky Oliver. I enjoy hunting, just like any other Michigander. Mostly, I love to ride my motorcycle, it helps to clear my head. Being a cancer survivor has taught me to slow down, and enjoy the good things in life, and pushes me to voice my opinion and gain the support of the masses.

Committee to Elect Earl Lackie
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